​We will provide quality products and dependable service to our customers at competitive prices.

We will challenge ourselves to provide unique products and service advantages above our competition.

We will seek long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers based on mutual agreement distinguished by trust and understanding.

We will endeavor to attract, develop, and retain superior individuals to safely perform and administer business operations.

We will strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.​

Welcome to VTech Oil

Our Mission

Since 2006, VTech Oil has emerged in the oil industry with its quality economy lubricant product lines. Our products consist of Automotive Lubricants, Functional Fluids, and Radiator Additives. VTech Oil offers different pack sizes to meet the high demands of the consumer requirements. 

VTech Oil engages itself in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, specifically lubricants. VTech Oil branded lubricants are available for both automotive and industrial segments. The automotive segment includes Diesel and Gasoline Engines, Engines operated by Natural Gas, Gear and Transmission Oils. The industrial segment includes Circulating Oil, Gear Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Hydraulic Oil and others. The automotive and industrial segment lubricants are available in different sizes of small packs, pails, drums, totes, and flexi.

VTech Oil distributes it’s “packaged goods” products directly to the automotive aftermarket lubricant installer markets, and distributes all of our products in bulk form currently within select geographical regions. By incorporating our own direct distribution we eliminate the conventional oil distributor allowing our customers to purchase our Brand directly and realize savings through reduced profit tier levels. Additionally we believe that through having a direct relationship with our customers we can offer an improved customer service over major brands who distribute through third party jobbers and distributors.