VTech Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated primarily for add-on purposes. It blends smoothly with all original transmission fluids. It contains red dye for ease of leak identification.

Transmission Fluid

VTech AW Hydraulic Oils are general purpose, anti-wear, rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibited oils with an anti-foam additive.

VTech GL-1 Gear Oils are straight mineral gear oils intended for mild service in a broad range of automotive, manual transmission and industrial gear and bearing applications calling for API GL-1 performance. Vtech GL-1 Gear Oils are used in gear sets operating under such mild conditions of low unit pressures and minimum sliding velocities, that untreated oil may be used satisfactorily. They may contain oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents and pour point depressants. GL-1 gear oils do not contain friction modifiers or extreme pressure additives.

VTech Economy Motor Oils are manufactured with 100% virgin base oil and fortified with an anti-foaming additive for extra engine lubrication at an economical price. They satisfy API SA/SB requirements.

Engine Oils

Hydraulic Oils



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Gear Oils